NightMark ~ [n] 1. a guidance in the unknown

A Night Mark is a reliable and trustworthy guidance in parts unknown. They use their bright communication signals to help people navigate through uncertain endeavors. Which is why the name NightMark fits our business so well: we are that signal that helps you navigate forward to be successful. We are a telecommunications consultant that improves your telecom process and sets you up for the highest success. We have worked with many other high-end vendors in the industry, and offer their services too depending on what exactly your business needs are. In that way, we are 100% transparent and are strictly interested in doing the whatever gets the best results for you.



Voice over internet protocol. It's popular for a reason.


Meet and greet -> observe culture and telecom strategies -> develop plan -> match vendor needs -> test and correct


Monitoring is necessary to properly run any telecom service. We make sure that your products are working smoothly and will notify you if a problem ever arises.


Contact center software improves your management and customer service.



Navigate the compliance requirements of contact centers and all business communications.


Transitioning your telecom from old to new can be a headache for some, but with my decades of doing it in this industry, I've seen it all and have experience with all types of businesses.


Each business is unique, so each business should have their own telecom plan to have their highest success. We have no bias with vendors and are only worried what is best for your business.


When changing systems, the new stuff needs to work with the old stuff. We make that happen.


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